A Magic Layer Success Story: The Art of Communicating Value

In the complex world of marketing, showing how valuable your efforts are can be tricky. While many marketers focus on metrics and measurements, the real magic lies in conveying the worth of your actions.

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Case Study
October 2, 2023

The Challenge

Magic Layer teamed up with a pharmaceutical powerhouse worth over $300 million to master the art of communication, transforming their first-ever brand awareness campaign into a resounding success story. In this case study, we'll unveil how effective communication drove impressive results and secured investment for the campaign's next phase.

Imagine trying to tell a powerful story about your brand when you've never done it before. That's what our client faced with their first awareness campaign, a giant leap for their organization. The marketing team needed more than counting impressions and clicks to succeed. Instead, they sought a fresh, sophisticated approach that unified efforts across teams, instilled accountability, and, most crucially, maximized outcomes. To demonstrate success, it necessitated packaging this process and its profound impact into a clear narrative that showcased their transformative journey.

The Solution

Magic Layer excels at making sense of numbers and turning them into valuable insights. Did the campaign do well? Did the team's plan work? Should we keep investing in this campaign, and if so, where should we focus our resources?

To find answers to these questions and more, we use our unique approach that goes beyond what traditional media agencies typically offer:

  • Predicting Your Outcomes: We use predictive analytics and other advanced data techniques to quickly and confidently provide answers and practical strategies aligned with your key business goals. Our approach ensures that everything we learn and do maximizes performance and business impact. 
  • Optimizing Your Assets: We understand that it's crucial to know how well the different parts of your ads are working, but this often gets overlooked. We dig deep into the details, like the words, tone, pictures, size, format, and other elements that make up your ads. We seamlessly blend this information with your regular marketing data. These insights help improve your current assets and guide us in creating new and more effective combinations that don't currently exist. 
  • Telling Your Data Story: We continue beyond reporting or analyzing data. We go the extra mile to ensure everyone on your team understands what the data means and why it's crucial for your campaign. We also quantify the value of your optimization efforts, arming you with an effective communication tool for demonstrating success and securing continued or even increased investment. 
  • Transforming Our Collective Knowledge into Action: We know that turning insights into action is crucial. We lead hands-on sessions to ensure your team acts on what we've learned, encouraging everyone to brainstorm ideas and assign clear next steps. Our workshops guarantee that improvements keep happening and that findings don't end up as forgotten recommendations buried in a PowerPoint presentation or email.

The Results

It was vital to present the results in a way that emphasized how much better the team's hard work made the campaign. By framing the results this way, instead of the more common approach of aggregate campaign numbers, we made it easier for the team to get funding for the next campaign phase and helped them create a business case for this new way of working.

  • Overall Results: It would have cost our client twice as much money to get the same results without optimization! The optimized campaign performed so much better that we effectively doubled the value of their marketing investment. We saw a +96% increase in the primary KPI, at a -57% lower cost per. We achieved this by acting on 18 data-driven recommendations over four months. Some examples below:
  • Ad iteration: We individually tracked 30 possible ad components. Our scientific process, which controlled for these components and more, identified nine drivers of success. By pausing the ads that weren't performing well and creating new versions based on what we learned, we drove a +24% lift in the primary success measure and reduced costs by -36%!
  • Ad targeting: The campaign launched with three different targets on LinkedIn, each with three possible ads. After looking at the results, we found that one ad worked best for everyone, and the second-best was made just for that audience. Removing the worst ad for each group gave us a +55% boost in the primary success measure and reduced costs by -15%!
  • Keyword optimization: We found over 200 keywords hurting performance in Google Paid Search. These keywords drove down click-through rates and, even worse, cost the team a lot of money. Removing these keywords drove a +86% lift in the primary success measure and reduced costs by -52%!
  • Channel mix optimization:  Of the eight channels from the original Media Plan, we discovered that only three were worth continuing. We shifted the budget from the more expensive, underperforming channels to those generating qualified traffic and leads at a better cost. Budget reallocation resulted in a +215% lift in the primary success measure and reduced costs by -88%!

Magic Layer's expertise lies in transforming data into valuable insights. Collaborating with a pharmaceutical industry giant, we tackled the challenge of effectively conveying the worth of a debut brand awareness campaign.

We ensured our client achieved remarkable results by employing predictive analytics, optimizing ad assets, data storytelling, and fostering team-wide collaboration and action. Our results, which included 18 data-driven recommendations, doubled the value of the marketing spend and secured investment for the campaign's next phase.

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Angela Glaubitz
October 2, 2023

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