Take the guesswork out of marketing

We give marketers the insights they need to be confident in their next big idea.


Who we are

We're a research and analytics agency on a mission to change how marketers use data to make decisions.

Why? Because most research and analytics is too hard to follow and act on. We specialize in transforming complex analysis into engaging insights that everyone can understand and, even more importantly, use.

We augment your team with specialized experts.
We accelerate the discovery of winning strategies.
We create research and analytics that's easy and fun.
We strengthen data-driven collaboration across teams.


Average KPI lift

Our data science-based strategy can help you increase sales, leads, or any other business objective.


Easier to Understand and Use

All our clients find our work easier to understand and more actionable than our competitors.


Client Repeat Rate

We know that partnering with a new company can be risky, but with us, the only risk is that you'll want more.


Years of Experience

We've helped over 150 clients across all industries better leverage data and research for marketing success.


Still not convinced?

Our commitment to making research easy to understand and use shows in the feedback we receive from our clients. Check out what they have to say:

Lisa Kagel

Magic Layer is one of the best business decisions we made

Their approach to analytics is unique among all the agency partners I've worked with and always actionable. I can't recommend them enough.

Joshua Tumelty

They are the catalyst to get from good to great

Bottom line, Magic Layer helps to remove all the guess work and give you the confidence you need to make big choices with your communications.

Teresa Sanchez

Essential to any marketing team

Magic Layer knows their stuff, and they produce awesome deliverables that tell a story, with data, about how we can do better with our customers. I have hired them several times.

Susan Couch

I HIGHLY recommend them!

I have been able to learn from my marketing efforts, pivot those efforts based on data-informed insights, and see successful results.  I LOVE working with the Magic Layer team!

Louis Settembrino

They make data dance

Magic Layer does not just deliver data, they deliver visually impactful and appealing graphics in a manner that is both easy to interpret and effectively conveys your vision/story.

Kristin Keller

Top-notch firm that delivers custom analytics

This is more than a sophisticated read-out of Google Analytics; this is a group that will help you actually understand what is driving your brand success. I highly recommend these folks!

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