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Analytics Fundamentals.

You have digital experiences, and we know how to tag them. Whether you are tagging a new experience, are sick of gaps in KPI tracking, or spend too much time wrangling data instead of generating insights – Magic Layer can help.

We design instructions for developers to efficiently and effectively collect your KPI data, and supporting actionable data, with the fewest possible requirements and in the manner than maximizes stability and minimizes time to insight. Magic Layer can help you with Google Analytics and GTM, as well as Adobe Analytics, DTM, and Launch.

You have metrics and want to know if you will hit your goals.  We know how to discover your KPIs and predict how close you will be. Whether you experience seasonality, changes in your media mix or experiences, or need help knowing where to start exploratory data analysis – Magic Layer can help.

We utilize predictive analytics techniques to scientifically decide what your KPIs should be and discover the patterns in your data that predict your business goals. We utilize those patterns to forecast what your business goals will be. That way you can act now if you need to, before you miss your goal. Magic Layer can help you with digital or offline goals, using any and all data you have available.

You have KPIs and business goals and want to visualize how you are doing. We know how to streamline understanding and identify when to act. Whether you need to tell your boss how you are doing or need to create reports and dashboards that drive action – Magic Layer can help.

We use control limits that tell us when your KPIs are within expected bounds. These control limits are bespoke to your business and metrics, allowing for your KPIs to tell us when they are performing abnormally. This means that everyone knows when we can celebrate, and when we need to conduct further analysis. Magic Layer can help you with Excel, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and many others.

You have conversions and want to attribute success across channels and between online and offline. We know how to discover the statistically best way to do so. Whether you need to prove the value of your digital experience to offline success or want to know how your marketing efforts are combining to contribute to success – Magic Layer can help.

We utilize predictive analytics techniques to scientifically discover the extent to which your data can predict success and which metrics and dimensions are predictive – and by how much. We also calculate if there are any lags in specific predictors significance, so you know how much today’s data affects your success in the future. Magic Layer can help you with digital or offline goals, using any and all data you have available. ​

User Research.

You have digital analytics data, and we know how to analyze it to discover behavioral trends and patterns.  Whether you are trying to inform an experience redesign, create an experience optimization backlog, or to prioritize your existing backlog – Magic Layer can help.   

We conduct exploratory data analysis to discover prescriptive recommendations for experience design changes that will result in KPI lifts and prioritize these based on impact and effort.  These prioritized recommendations serve as a backlog for optimization and ensures that you are working on the most impactful quick wins first, followed by things that take more effort but still have enough impact.  Magic Layer can help you with data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and most other digital analytics tools.   


You have survey data, and we know how to analyze it to discover attitudinal trends and patterns.  Whether you are trying to inform content creation, prioritize feature development, or design a personalization strategy – Magic Layer can help.   

We conduct exploratory data analysis to discover prescriptive recommendations that match your users attitudes and expectations to your experience, that will result in KPI lifts and prioritize these based on impact and effort.  These prioritized recommendations serve as a roadmap for what to create, develop, and deploy; and ensures that you are creating the most impactful assets first, followed by those that take more effort.  Magic Layer can help you with data from Foresee, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, Google Forms, and most other digital survey tools.   

You have users, and we know how to interview and discuss your brand in the optimal way to match actionability usually reserved for quantitative methods.  Whether you are trying to understand who your users are today, dive deeper into quant discovered patterns, or ideate how to best solve for complex experience problems – Magic Layer can help.  

We conduct user interviews to discover the wants, needs, desires, and expectations of your users to enable a deeper understanding of why specific behaviors or attitudes exist.  This understanding will result in prioritized recommendations for experience optimization and personalization tactics.  This ensures that you learn as much as you can about details that are difficult or impossible from quant analysis alone, while maintaining the actionability of the research within your experiences.  Magic Layer can help you with in person or remote user interviews with users that you source or we recruit.   

You have a customer database with individualized data, and we know how to discover who your most valuable customers are and what makes them unique.  Whether you need to find more of your most valuable customersfind ways to transition other customers into more valuable segments, or predict the future value of a new customer – Magic Layer can help. 

We utilize predictive analytics techniques to scientifically discover what differentiates your best customers from other segments, and what is predictive of segment membership This is different from other segmentation methods that define segments by how your best customers are like each other

We define segments based on how customers are different than other segments.  We discover what sets them apart from other customers statistically and build a predictive model to classify new customers into one of the discovered segments and predict their lifetime value.  In this way we can best understand who your customers are, enable the targeting of them in marketing efforts, recommend experience optimizations and personalization for them, and predict lifetime value for new customers.  Magic Layer can help you with data from any customer database provided as a .csv export or available via API.   

Experience Optimization.

You have an experience, and we know how to test and iterate to maximize KPIs.  Whether you are trying to generate more revenue, convert more leads, or maximize engagement and interaction – Magic Layer can help.   


We conduct A/B/n testing to discover the experience elements that your users prefer and that generate the outcomes you are looking for.  The result of this continual process of research, test, analyze, and iterate is experience optimization.  Velocity is the critical requirement for A/B Testing & Optimization to be successful, which means that sample, assets, and the willingness to experiment are key.  In this way you can quantify the impact of your experience changes and mitigate the risk of hurting your KPIs.  Magic Layer can help you with testing tools like Google Optimize, Adobe Target, EvolvConvert, Optimizely, and Visual Website Optimizer.   

You have concerns about the complexity of your experience and want to discover some ideas as to how to fix them. We know how to ask users for help.  Whether you are trying to find out why users are having difficulty in a specific flow or on specific pages, or you want to discover the best way to organize and structure your site content so users know where to find it – Magic Layer can help.   


We conduct usability and tree testing to discover the optimizations you need to make to satisfy your users expectations and ease their path to content findability, user journeys, and conversion funnels.  Usability testing answers the “why” behind conversion problems, by asking users to conduct specific tasks on your current experience and think out loud about what they are doing and what they are thinking.  Tree testing answers where users are expecting to discover specific content or accomplish specific tasks within your experience, without all the design and navigation to get in the way.  Magic Layer can help you with tools such as UserTestingUsabillaOptimizelyUserlyticsOptimal Workshop, and most other digital survey tools.   

You have marketing campaigns and a limited budget.  We know how to optimize those efforts to maximize your KPIs.  Whether you are trying to increase awareness, drive conversion, or increase loyalty – Magic Layer can help.   


We expect more from your marketing efforts than impressions, clicks, and bounces.  Cost per conversion and return on ad spend are your imperative KPIs.  Whatever conversion means to you, that is what matters most and your marketing budget should be efficiently generating these outcomes.  We manage and optimize your existing marketing efforts through ad optimization, landing page optimization, and conversion optimization.  This ensures that your marketing budget is efficient and maximizing the KPIs and conversions that are important to you.  Magic Layer can help you with PPC, email marketing, and banner advertisements.

You have complex relationships between your products and content.  We know how to discover and rank them to enable efficient navigation and bundling.  Whether you want to create optimal navigation between your pages to maximize content digestion or discover bundles of products to maximize revenue – Magic Layer can help.   


We utilize predictive analytics techniques to scientifically discover the pages or products that commonly occur together within sessions or orders.  These patterns serve as the foundation of what your users are interested in already and how they naturally group and structure your experience.  Taking advantage of these patterns as a source of insight is a perfect match to traditional methods that rely on subject matter expertise about combinations that should exist.  


This method allows you to discover new combinations, while quantifying known ones.  Magic Layer can help you with data from any customer database provided as a .csv export or available via API as well as digital analytics data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and most other digital analytics tools

Predictive Prioritization.

You have a lead generation form, and we know how to discover who you should prioritize based on their likelihood to convert and their future value to your business.  Whether you are trying to prioritize response times to those that matter most, or understand what makes your leads more valuable – Magic Layer can help. 


We utilize predictive analytics techniques to discover who is likely to complete your lead generation formprioritize your leads by their likelihood to convert and the revenue that they would generate over their lifetime.  The result of lead prediction is the discovery of what makes your leads different from others, so you know what is promoting conversion and what is making it more difficult.  The result of lead scoring is the prioritization of leads based on their likelihood to become customers and the predicted revenue they would generate over time. 


This ensures that you contact the most valuable leads first to maximize revenue.  Magic Layer can help you with data from any customer database provided as a .csv export or available via API as well as digital analytics data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and most other digital analytics tools.   

You have existing relationships that you would like to retain.  We know how to discover who is likely to retain their relationship and when they are likely to churn.  Whether you want to prioritize individuals based on their likelihoods or promote the aspects of your relationships that maximize retention – Magic Layer can help.   


We utilize predictive analytics techniques to discover who you are likely to retain, what exactly predicts retention, and when someone is likely to churn.  The result of retention modeling is you get to act now in the most effective ways possible to ensure you promote all aspects of your relationship that promote retention and optimize and minimize all aspects that do not. 


The result of churn modeling is that you get to prioritize saving relationships based on who is likely to churn and understand how much time you have before that occurs.  Magic Layer can help you with data from any customer database provided as a .csv export or available via API.   

You have a product, tool, or service, and we know how to discover the optimal mix of features and functionality to maximize market share.  Whether you are starting to create a new product, tool, or service, or are looking to prioritize the most important aspects for improvement – Magic Layer can help. 


We utilize predictive analytics techniques to discover the importance of specific aspects of your experience and the optimal combination of features.  User research, asset creation, and development are expensive and time consuming.  Any time focusing on aspects that you deem important, but your users do not, is costly. 


Conjoint analysis modeling allows you to discover where to spend your time, money, and effort to have the greatest impact: creating or improving the features that matter most.  Magic Layer can help you with various conjoint tools such as Conjoint.ly, 1000 Minds, Lighthouse Studio, and most other conjoint tools.     

You have a satisfaction or NPS survey, and we know how to discover what matters most to your audience and their satisfaction.  Whether you want to promote aspects that produce satisfaction, optimize aspects that don’t, or discover different groups of people based on satisfaction – Magic Layer can help.   


We utilize predictive analytics techniques to discover the aspects of your experience and users that predict satisfaction.  These aspects allow you to understand who you are satisfying today, and who you are not.  Identifying the greatest opportunities for improving satisfaction is done through a combination of sample size across different characteristics, and satisfaction scores. 


This ensures that you are prioritizing the aspects of your experience and users that matter most and drive the greatest changes in overall satisfaction.  Also, understanding different groups of users by their satisfaction can generate a greater understanding as to what types of users are generally satisfied and which are not.  These groups can help in ideating improvements and recommendations.  Magic Layer can help with satisfaction surveys from any tool or .csv export.   

Analytics Training.

Training can be extremely beneficial when done correctly, and a waste of effort when not.  To ensure that training is as beneficial as possible it is imperative to determine not only what topic is to be learned, but who the students will be, and at what level of detail the lessons need to be.  These details will be critical in crafting the training that is needed to accomplish the learning objectives.  The students will determine whether the learning objective is aimed at practitioners or influencers, and the level of detail will determine whether the learning objective is aimed at introduction or advanced techniques.  


If you need help with any of these services, please reach out to Magic Layer.  We are excited to learn more about you and how we can work to maximize your success. Because we succeed when you succeed. We provide training in the following areas of expertise: 

Learn everything you need to set the foundation for data driven decisioning and advanced analytics techniques.

Learn everything you need to understand your users to improve your KPIs.

Learn everything you need to put your research and insights into action.

Learn everything you need to prioritize next steps based on the scientific importance toward your KPIs.

Whether you have practitioners who need help executing or using more advanced techniques, or influencers who want to become more familiar with methodology and when to incorporate these techniques – Magic Layer can help.  We utilize actionable training techniques that utilize your business, experiences, and data to maximize effectiveness.  You get to learn based on an actual business challenge that you are experiencing, with your actual data.  This makes training real, actionable, and easy to follow because it is grounded in reality.  

We collaborate with you to define the learning objectives, the business problem, access to applicable experiences and data, and the time to prepare your bespoke training curriculum.   Magic Layer goes beyond training best practices, we use your business challenge to: 

  • Highlight optimal methodology
  • Detail our thought process as we were completing the challenge
  • Show some tips and tricks in the tools we used
  • Provide data visualization techniques that maximize understanding
  • Expand on our strategic interpretation of the data
  • Share prioritization estimates and calculations
  • Field question and answer sessions to clarify everything

The result is training that makes a difference.  After Magic Layer Training you will know when to apply specific techniques, how to communicate to non experts, how to get the most out of your efforts, how to apply critical best practices, more advanced techniques to add to your capabilitiesand to identify any next steps that should be taken as a result.   

Agency Partnerships.

We know how hard it is to maintain an advanced analytics team. Quantitative skills are difficult to source, and it is even more difficult to retain individuals with analytics talent. Even if you are one of the lucky agencies with great analysts or data scientists, it’s likely that they are periodically too busy or not busy enough. Magic Layer gets it. 


We partner with agencies who have analytics teams but are in a resource crunch.  We partner with agencies who have analytics teams but maybe don’t do the more advanced predictive analytics and modeling work we can do.  We partner with agencies who don’t have analytics teams at all and want to add quantitative analysis to what would have originally been just a qualitative study or just need us to meet any minimum analytics related requirements within a RFP. You can white-label us, you can use us for one-off projects, or we can do ongoing and recurring engagements. 


If you need to know who to call when you need advanced analytics skills, please reach out to Magic Layer. We are excited to learn more about you and how we can work to maximize your success. Because we succeed when you succeed.

Have a RFP or opportunity that you aren’t interested in participating at all but it’s up our alley? Send it over to us and if we win it, you’ll get a 2% finders fee on that contract.

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