Magic Layer was founded on the challenge in our industry

Marketers focus on awareness and acquisition, Designers and UX focus on experiences, and Data Scientists focus on post conversion and loyalty. Everyone is doing the best they can but it isn’t good enough. We need to break down the silos. We need to be responsible for more than our own little worlds. We need to think bigger and work smarter. 

Magic Layer is what’s missing. We can connect the dots across your business – across teams, across properties, and across channels. We make sure you know what your data is trying to tell you. We transform uncovered truth into insights and prescriptions for action. We help our clients navigate complexity. We know that analytics can feel daunting. We make it easy, and more importantly, we make it valuable.

Magic Layer provides confidence that everyone is working on what they should and the process for identifying which things worked and why. This ensures that you learn what you need to today so you can be better tomorrow, while outpacing your competitors and proving to your boss how amazing you are.  Let’s all work smarter together and find your focus.

What We Believe.

Our world view is made up of key principles

We believe in creating impact
We believe in experimentation
We believe in the people behind the data
We believe tools as an aid; not an answer
We believe thinking inside the box
We believe in the now and speed over precision

We believe in

Like it or not, determining what has the most impact on your business is not a subjective matter. We can statistically determine what matters most through predictive analytics. Intuiting, assuming, guessing, or workshopping all can lead to the wrong answer, which can be a costly and time consuming mistake.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for subject matter expertise. That comes in after you know where to focus. It’s the how. There are countless ways to execute; everyone just needs to be pointed in the right direction first!


We believe in the

Surprise! You likely already have some of the most powerful user research tools on the market. Those numbers in your digital analytics tool are not just data points; they are people. And they are telling us what they like and don’t, with every interaction, and more importantly, what within your experiences and marketing makes them convert to your goals.

We know how to translate their behaviors into prescriptive insights that can drive change. We know how to marry this data 1:1 to qualitative research, for the most holistic understanding of your users you can get. We know your users when we see them; wherever they are.


We believe in

Actually being data-driven is hard.  You don’t get to do whatever you want.  You have to apply what you learned from research and that only adds to the list of constraints we’re all already dealing with.

We admit that it can be harder to think inside the box but we’d also argue that it allows you to actually be more creative. We challenge everyone we work with to think inside the box! 

We all need to work as a team, stretching the limits of our creativity, by allowing what we learned from our user research to inform and prioritize what we’re going to do. That’s the only way to ensure our efforts will have impact.


We believe in

Experimentation is a fun and smart way for an organization to be accountable, as it allows you to effectively measure your efforts and also learn from them.

It also allows you to fail in an environment where failure is acceptable, which is critical. A huge reason why organizations don’t consistently measure is because many are afraid of being held accountable.

We are in organizations where failure is not part of the culture. Experimentation allows failure as part of the process. Fail fast, with minimal loses, learn from it, and move on.


We believe in tools

Our industry is in a crisis. We’re at a point where we all know we need data and analytics to drive success. However, this has lead to the proliferation of tools and declarations of data democratization! The problem is tools don’t generate insights, no matter what they promise you. And most people can’t correctly interpret data, let alone are trained in statistics. We don’t want to limit access to data but these tools will not replace an analyst or real analysis. Worst case, it can lead you down a very wrong path, which can be costly and time consuming. More commonly, the tool and/or data is blamed and another tool is acquired. We are fully tool agnostic and are comfortable using any tools you have to aid in our analysis of your data. They are a great complement to the other analysis tools we use in-house.

We believe in the now

Analytics is often not a priority. Maybe it’s because it can be daunting. Maybe it’s because it’s not really understood. Either way, one thing we hear a lot is that everything you are saying sounds great. We really want to do all of this…some day.

If you are spending ad dollars, creating website content, following-up on leads, basically running your business, we really believe you need to be using your data now to support these initiatives. A roadmap makes sense, and we can help with that too, but we have no doubt that there are analytics activities you can be doing now that would be impactful to your business.


We also feel strongly about understanding the diminishing returns on increased precision.  While many data scientists take a very academic approach and are largely optimizing towards greater predictive power, we only do so if there is enough business impact to warrant that increased time and effort. 

We are business people first and foremost.  We understand that we need to be fast. We need to be nimble. We need to beat your competition. We need to be correct…but only as correct as necessary to make the right decision. We do not need to take 6 months to get our models to 99.9% accuracy if that means no impactful lift to your KPIs. We aren’t those types of data people. We have the statistical and data science chops to quickly get the correct enough answer and start executing.

How We Work.

Over a decade of lessons, applied daily, and growing

What we do

  • What matters
  • Question everything
  • Dig deeper
  • Push for prescriptions
  • Harry Potter houses
  • Build relationships
  • Science!
  • High-fives (only some of us)
  • Treat people right

What we don't

  • Deliver data puke
  • Work without coffee
  • Share secret sauce
  • Outsource
  • Sell snake oil
  • Work for free
  • Value opinions over data
  • Non-productive meetings
  • Repeat mistakes

Coffee is On Us