Hello World! We are Magic Layer.

We provide the missing layer between analytics and the actionable insights that drive business impact for marketing and digital teams.  Our mission is to unleash strategic and creative professionals by helping them find their focus.

So, what does this mean?  Why now?

The way analytics is used today in marketing and digital teams is frankly not good enough.  It is often overlooked, deprioritized, misunderstood, and manipulated.  We’re going to set the example for how it should be done.  So, we can create a world where we all work better, together. A world where strategy and creative professionals do not see analytics as limiting them by forcing them to color in the lines or something to be done later, if we have time.  
We want to prove that analytics can be used to lead and empower.  The time is now.  Analytics has changed and it is time that we take advantage and benefit from it.  

To help illustrate who we are, future content will expand on our key principles:

  • We believe in creating impact
  • We believe in the people behind the data
  • We believe in thinking inside the box
  • We believe in experimentation
  • We believe tools as an aid; not an answer
  • We believe in speed over precision and in the now


This content should help you get to know us better, but more importantly we hope it changes how you think about analytics.  Because analytics isn’t about reporting numbers or confirmation bias.  It’s about discovery and iteration.   It’s about finding your focus.


Also, we plan on commenting on related news and opinions in the analytics, marketing, and digital space.  This type of content will help demonstrate how we think, how we are different, and hopefully provide constructive conversations and an improvement to how we all work and collaborate.

So if you are an analytics expert looking to level up, or an analytics ally, welcome to Magic Layer.  We are happy to have you.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you can get notified when new content becomes available.we 

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